KEYMED Inc. is ready for the full line-up dental X-Ray series and global leading implant in order to supply the customized solutions for dentists.​

KEYMED Inc’s superior quality of products and sincere dedication to dentistry can help you reach the ultimate goal of visualizing your digital imaging needs: from a full line-up dental X-Ray series ,software of imaging process and operation to complete digital dentistry system solution.​

Our aim is to provide the discerning buyer with a range that will not compromise in any way the quality that you deserve and to be more than simply competitive in today’s market place. Our products meet current legislation demands and are CE,FDA marked to the required standard.  If you have any questions we promise you will have the answer within 24 hours.

Company Values

Customer Oriented

Your values are of utmost importance to us.
We take full responsibility in satisfying your needs by providing high quality products to the global market, Also by collaborating user friendly interface and design, we actualize your desires and needs. We promise to stand by your side and always strive to add pleasure at your work place.

Approved Quality

We put great deal of emphasis on well-being of mankind. KEYMED Company upholds this value by manufacturing reliable and reasonable medical diagnostic devices, And also by distributing our quality products all over the, we wish to present better life for every little breath.

24/7 Fast response

We embrace all challenges and counter act with pride and quickness to all claims.
Fast response offers customers satisfaction and improves the reliability of KEYMED Company. We strive to provide the most comprehensive service for every claim, regardless of location and time.